Incidents: Armed robbery of a cyclist on the 18th of Feb below old parks

Successes: Beagle Watch arrested two suspects on the 18th  near Hurlingham after being identified by a previous victim. Jozi Trails is working closely with the SAPS to link previous cases and ensure a positive conviction.

What’s happening:

  • JCPZ have given us the provisional go-ahead for the security strategy and the initiative is pushing ahead.
  • Jozi Trails will be implementing a project to make Delta Park safe for users. We will have some exciting news in the next few days and will be asking for community involvement and support. This community-based project will link up with another new project with Vumacam and the local security companies.
  • JMPD and SAPS have come on board and will be forming a leading part of the new Jozi Trails security committee.
  • We have reached out to the resident associations surrounding Delta Park and the Spruit will and will be working closely with them to integrate suburban security initiatives with the trail projects to make everyone safer.