Emmarentia Residents Association (ERA) are making great progress cleaning up the Botanical Gardens Spruit Park – bound between John Mackenzie Drive, Louw Geldenhuys, Tana and 5Th Avenue, as part of their Adopt a Park project. They have already cleaned up a significant portion of the park making visibility great and the park really looks good. We encourage you to visit the park and enjoy the open spaces, you can ride through it, walk through it, run etc. There is also a little playground next to the Scout’s hall for the kids.

ERA would also like you to be involved in the process of cleaning up the park and making it more friendly by:

  1. Be Vigilant – report any illegal activity that you may see eg. People camping in the park, littering, making fires etc to 011375 5911 and send the ref number and details to Saber 0847997860.
  2. Do some clean-ups – pick up any litter that you may see and try to keep the area clean as clean as possible. Even if you remove an empty bottle it will make a difference.
  3. Get Involved by contributing your time/donating – Contact Saber 084 7997860 for more details – all donations are made to ERA directly. Saber will advise you on what to do if you want to give your time to help.

Enjoy the time spent in the park.