Staying Safe


Why we recommend any person who is a victim of crime on the Spruit to fill in the survey and report the incident to the SAPS:

Reporting your incident to the SAPS is not mandatory and can be a pain but it assists Jozi Trails and the long term safety of the Spruit in two ways: 

  1. With all the information Jozi Trails can get a combined view of all the different incidents that have taken place, and with that, we can then focus our energy in the right direction, hot spots etc.
  2. The SAPS put more focus and resources into areas that receive a high number of documented incidents. The more cases opened in the area, the easier it is to get the SAPS to support the Jozi Trails initiatives in those areas. Secondly, only SAPS can make arrests and get prosecutions and to do this they need CASE numbers to link the crimes and get effective prosecutions.


How to report an incident effectively to Jozi Trails:

  • Where: Did it happen?
  • When: Did it happen?
  • Who: Number, description, attitude, clothing, weapons
  • What? Now, Have you done a police report & which police station did you report it to 

If you have any questions or need assistance about security on the Spruit or after an indicent please get in touch with Owen, our head of Security at or +27 83 965 1334.

We’ve created a Whatsapp group to circulate any important Jozi Trails notices and security updates. If you’d like to join and keep up to date with the latest info, join using the link below.


➡️ 🌳 07/082020 – Incident Report 🌳➡️ What: A single male cyclist was stabbed during a robbery this morning. He is in hospital – but stable. Bike & phone taken – bike was later found. Who: 2 BM with knives Location: Top of Emmerentia along the fence line with Marks Park. When: 07:00 this morning (7 Aug) Status: Confirmed (by cyclists who arrived first on the scene after attack and security) ➡️ 🆘 Pls do not cycle/walk alone during early morning hours or in areas where there are not lots of other users ➡️ 🛑
‼️⚠️‼️⚠️‼️ 22/06/2020 – Security Notice ‼️⚠️‼️⚠️‼️ Several violent attacks on the trails system recently has prompted us to remind everyone that the parks/trails are still officially closed. None of the Jozi Trails Bobbies are on duty and the reduced activity in public spaces makes these areas even more dangerous. Please do not put yourself or your loved ones at risk by ignoring these regulations. We are working hard to create sustainable, long term safety and security strategies for the trail system and will keep everyone updated as we progress, however until these are in place it is up to every person who chooses to use these areas under lockdown regulations to be responsible for their own safety. • Don’t display valuables • Walk/run/ride in big groups • Avoid areas with limited lines of sight • Avoid wearing headphones • Know where the nearest place of safety is
➡️ 🌳16/06/2020 – Incident Report🌳 ➡️ A female was attacked during a robbery and had her phone stolen. Who: 3 males with knives, attempted to stab the victim, but her clothing prevented injury. Location: Vicinity of the bird sanctuary in Delta Park. When: Early Morning 16th June Status: Received on social media and confirmed. ➡️ 🌳 Do not walk alone especially not in overgrown areas ➡️ 🌳
➡️ 🌳17/06/2020 – General Notice🌳 ➡️ The fire break got a little too enthusiastic in Alberts Farm and damaged the bottom bridge. 🔥 We are going to repair it as soon as possible, but in the meantime avoid crossing and take care. Just a friendly reminder that, unfortunately, these areas are not technically open for use under Level 3.
➡️ 🌳04/06/2020 – Incident Report🌳➡️ Pensioner male walker held up with knife, phone taken. Who: 2 attackers with a knife, the walker got stabbed in the back Location: Just off Louw Geldenhuys road park between Tana rd and Emmerentia When: 1 June 5:45 pm Status: Received on Google attack forms, reported to Police. ➡️ 🌳 Do not walk alone especially not in overgrown areas ➡️ 🌳
➡️ 🌳21/05/2020 – Security Incident ➡️ 🌳 On the 26th of March, two cyclists were held up at gun/knifepoint by three perpetrators on the Montgomery Spruit section of the trails. Recently the victims came across what they believe to be the same group just off Beyersnaude Dr along the Trails route. One of the perpetrators was apprehended, while the other two fled into the cemetery. Suburban Control Centre Security and the JMPD attempted to catch the two fleeing suspects, however, unfortunately, they were able to evade capture. The apprehended suspect was taken to Sophiatown police station, anybody who has a case with similar characteristics please contact the Sophiatown Police station. Well done to all those involved.
➡️ 🌳21/05/2020 – General Notice ➡️ 🌳 Even though the Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo, and the Jozi Trails system, in general, remain closed, the reality is that people are using the accessible sections. Crime on the trail system and the surrounding areas was already a concern before the COVID crisis and will only be amplified by an increase in desperation and destitution. Particular attention needs to be paid by anyone currently using our open areas and when they legitimately open for public use. Please take serious notice of the safety tips and considerations on the Jozi Trails website security page.
➡️ 🌳22/05/2020 – Security Incident ➡️ 🌳 Walker held up at gunpoint, phone taken. Who: Black male with gun Location: Old Parks Sports Club. When: Morning of 21 May. Status: Received on FB, confirmed by 24/7 Security


High-risk Times: 4:30 am to 10 am and 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, both of these periods are the trails highest use times and provide opportunities for criminals to take advantage of low light conditions.

When using the trails:

  • Situational Awareness is your greatest defence tool, beware of people and vehicles in the close vicinity
  • Try to run /walk/ride in groups, look after each and every group member and try not let people fall behind
  • Try to exercise after first light
  • Don’t use headphones – they reduce your awareness of what’s going on around you and make you vulnerable
  • Don’t display valuable items such as phones, cameras, keep them hidden
  • Avoid being in areas of a limited line of sight such as thick bushes and shrubs, stick to paths that are open and preferably well used
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back
  • If you are able to carry a mobile Panic Button such as the MySOS Panic  Button or other recommended panic buttons or apps, then leave your valuable phone at home and remove the temptation for criminals
  • Enable the tracking function on your phone when out and about

In the worst-case scenario:

  • Don’t fight back, give them what they want and remove yourself from danger.
  • The only time this could not apply is if your assailant tries to take you to a secondary location, every situation is different and this will need to be a personal judgement call. If you feel your life or safety is in danger you will have to make that call.
  • As soon as you are in a safe place, contact the police.
  • These crimes need to be reported to the police and you need to get a CAS number, this will help us greatly in tracking the criminal activity on the river and stopping it.
  • Once you have a CAS number go to Jozi trails incident report form and make sure you include the CAS number in your report.


Having eyes and ears on the trail during peak visitor times is one of the many ways we’re ramping up safety.  To start with, we’ve employed four security guards we call JT Bobbies to patrol the whole phase 1 area (from Conrad Drive to Emmerentia, including Delta Park) from 6am to 6pm on weekends.  They are easy to spot, on their JT bikes (sponsored by Trek), wearing 24/7 Security uniform with a Jozi Trails logo on the front  and they’ll be happy to assist if you need directions, advice or any other help.


 Thank you!

24/7 SecurityCAP  and  Beagle Watch Armed Response have joined forces to help fight crime on the Spruit. The companies regularly station their guards, cars, horses and bikes to patrol Delta Park, Emmarentia, Conrad Drive and Alberts farm. A massive thank you to these three competing companies for coming together for the cause.


If an accident or incident occurs on the Spruit and you need help, here’s who to contact:


24/7 Security Services Control Room
011 444 2237

Security guards on bike patrol
(Saturday and Sunday, 6am – 6pm)


Ambulance Service  011 444 2237

Fire Service  011 444 2237

Poison Centre  0800 111 229


If there’s something about the Trails that’s buggin you, and you’d like something done about it, please be in touch with us at or leave a message on our   Facebook page.
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