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The Jozi Trails may seem to appear like magic overnight. But the process of designing the trails and their corresponding signage is actually an intense process of planning and design (incorporating all users groups, assessing environmental impact and aligning to best international practices) before even building the trails and installing. The Jozi Trails signs are more than just a piece of infrastructure. When followed correctly, they give all user groups the freedom and space to fully enjoy the outdoors safely.


Although Jozi Trails can install signage, the most important factor is active participation and consideration from each and every trail user. The power is in your hands! Consider how you use the trails and how you interact with other trail users, so we can all enjoy these spaces for years to come. Need some guidance? Read more about our Trail Rules below.


The Jozi Trails are built and maintained to be enjoyed by everyone—all ages, all abilities, and for multiple purposes. Knowing where you’re going, what to expect and that you’re on the right track is really important to your safety in the Spruit. So effective signage is a major priority for Jozi Trails. You’ll find nearly 100 Jozi Trails signs on all the new and existing trails. There are two main types of signage you’ll find on the trails: 

  • Jozi Trail Trail Totems / Signage to enjoy the Spruit safely please follow the guidelines outlined on the official Jozi Trails signage. These signs will tell you what user group the trail is designed for, give you directional information, warn you of anything ahead and give you some motivation, reminders and tips. 
  • Information Boards highlighting the rules and etiquette for using the Spruit; the relevant Johannesburg City bylaws; and key safety info and emergency contact details.


No-one likes being told what they can and can’t do (especially when they’re out to have fun) but, hey, how else can we be sure everyone plays fair and stays safe?  There are many reasons people come to the Spruit and everyone is equally entitled to have a good time so we’ll be defining a set of guidelines to keep everybody safe and happy.

  • Be Courteous & Share the Trail:   Please help us make the trail a friendly environment for all trail users by not blocking the path. Walk and bike on the correct side of the trail to facilitate two-way traffic and using caution when passing other trail users. All trail users should respect other users on the facility regardless of their mode, speed or level of skill. Parents, please keep children from wandering into oncoming trail lanes to avoid accidents.
  • Faster Moving User Yields to Slower:
   Faster moving trail users, should yield to slower moving users. When the trail is busy, please maintain a single file.
  • Communicate Before Passing:   Give a clear warning signal before passing. Signal may be produced by voice, bell, or horn. A trail user should politely call, “On your left” before passing to alert those in front of them. Be aware that other people may want to pass you. Listen (not to your iPod—to the world!)
  • Keep Left, Pass Right: Pass others going in your direction on the right. Look ahead and back to make sure the lane is clear before you pull out. Pass with ample separation. Do not move back until safely past.
  • Use Caution at Street Crossings & Intersections: Please slow and stop at all street crossings and use caution when proceeding into the intersection, even when using a marked crosswalk.
  • Keep Pets on Short Leashes & Remove Pet Waste: Dogs are welcome on certain sections of Jozi Trails, but please keep them on a short leash in order to keep the trail safe for all users. Additionally, please pick-up after your pet.
  • Respect Trail Environment: Do not disturb the wildlife or the many native plants and wildflowers that grow along Jozi Trails.
  • Respect Private Property, Stay on Trail: Please stay on the designated and marked trail adjacent to private property at all times.
  • Be Safe: Because paths may be unlighted and somewhat secluded, it’s good to consider only using them in daylight hours and/or traveling with a companion.
  • Wear a Helmet:  It’s always smart to wear them, especially children, when on any public path or trail.
  • No Motorized Vehicles: Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the Spruit at any time. However, please note that in order to maintain the trail you may occasionally encounter maintenance vehicles and lawn mowers on and alongside the trail.


Education, participation and consideration is a key part in making sure we can all enjoy the Jozi Trails. Here is a little breakdown of the various signage you’ll find along the Spruit, what they mean and how to follow them.


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    Arrows: These will lead you in the right direction! This type of signage indicates the correct direction for you to take while travelling along any of the Jozi Trails.
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    One Way: This sign indicates that the trail was designed to be used in one direction only. If not used in the correct direction, it’s the one way to guarantee a collision.
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    No Entry: When you see a no entry, there is a method to our madness and it’s not to exclude any user groups, trust us. When you see these signs it’s mainly because the majority of traffic will be heading down or in a particular direction on this trail, usually at high speeds.


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    Walkers Trail: Trails to stop and smell the roses. Specifically created for pedestrians include walkers, hikers, joggers, runners, bird watchers and dog walkers.
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    Running Trail: Run like no one is watching. Specifically created for runners and joggers.
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    Dog-Walker Trail: Trails to give both two and four legs a stretch. Specifically created for pedestrians include dog walkers, walkers, hikers, joggers, runners and bird watchers
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    Cyclists Trail: Trails for cyclists only, these trails have been created to relieve congestion and divert fast-moving traffic (aka cyclists) away from slower moving traffic (walkers, dog-walkers, runners etc) and onto their own separate route.
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    Shared Path: A multi-use trail for all types of user groups, cyclists, walkers, hikers, joggers, runners, bird watchers and dog walkers.
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    Shared Path: A multi-use trail for pedestrian use: walkers, hikers, joggers, runners, bird watchers and dog walkers.
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    Dog-Walker / Runners Trail: Walkers only / no cyclists. This trail has been marked like this to relieve congestion and to give walkers and dog walkers a peaceful trail.
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    No Cyclists: No entry for cyclists. An example of this sign is near the Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary. There are two reasons why this has been placed here firstly because the local wildlife tends to get frightened by the sound of bicycles whizzing by and as an added safety precaution for the children’s play area nearby.


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    Danger: Stay safe by knowing what’s ahead! If you see this sign it means there is a dangerous trail feature ahead, below/ down from where you are.
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    Use at Own Risk: Not all of the trails are manicured within an inch of their life, sometimes there are more challenging and dangerous sections or features on the trails and we’re giving you a heads up.
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    Slow Down: Life is not a race, it’s a journey. Make sure to slow down when you see this sign, it could be because you’re merging with other trails, crossing over other trails or there’s a trail feature that’s best taking at a slower speed.
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    Danger Gap | Pedestrian: If you’re on foot, this sign is to remind you to mind the gap coming up. We try to keep the trails as natural and original as possible to keep things interesting and this sign is to make sure your visit doesn’t get too interesting.
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    Trail Crossing: If you spot this sign, keep an eye out for other trail users crossing your path. Look left, then right, then left again And yes, there will always be a corresponding on the other trail to warn other trail users to look out for you!
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    Danger Gap | Cyclist: If you’re on cycling, this sign gives you a heads up that there is a gap, rut or hole coming up. So slow down and go around or ride if your skill level suits.
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    Danger | Fast Cyclists: If you see this sign it means that you’re likely on or crossing a trail where traffic will be heading down or in a particular direction usually at high speeds. So take note and take a detour – there’s a lot of amazing green space to enjoy together.


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    Easy: Wide trail with a gentle gradient smooth surface, Some obstacles such as roots, logs and rocks. Suitable for beginners.
  • null
    Moderate: Single trail with moderate gradients, variable surface and obstacles May include steep sections. Suitable for the more skilled user.
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    Difficult: Suitable for experienced users, used to physically demanding routes. Expect large, dangerous and unavoidable obstacles and features Challenging and variable with long steep climbs or descents and loose surfaces. Some sections will be easier to walk.


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    Leash Please: It’s not because we don’t want Rover to stop enjoying his date with nature, these signs are placed where for the safety of both you and your dog, whether it’s because there’s a crossing coming up or fast-moving traffic ahead. The reasons are always good, so please put your pup on a leash.
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    Please Clean Up After Your Pup: Dog poop, besides not being pleasant to step is unhealthy for people, other dogs, and for the environment. By taking the extra minute or so to pick up after your pup, you’re not only being a good citizen and responsible pet parent — you’re actually helping to save the world.
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    Kids Playing: If you see this sign, slow down and please keep an eye out for little ones playing ahead.
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    Ring your Bell: Bring the bike bell back into style. It’s good manners, and good public relations for cyclists to warn slower moving traffic – pedestrians or slower cyclists – when you’re going to pass them, and then pass with a comfortable amount of space, for the both of you.
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    Wildlife Area: The Spruit is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Some of which prefer quiet to make their nests and homes, so please if you see this sign pay particular attention to leaving no trace, avoiding disrupting the delicate ecosystem or choosing alternative route so they can continue to live and thrive.
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    Keep Park Clean: A little reminder to love and take care of the parks, leave no trace so we can all enjoy a sparkling clean space!
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    Nature your Therapist: A little reminder that we are all out here on the Spruit to enjoy the green spaces, get some fresh air and find some peace outside our busy lives.

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    Say Hi: A smile, wave or greeting goes a long way. To make the trails work we need your participation. We’re all out for the same goal – to enjoy the Spruit. So let’s make it a friendly, considerate and welcoming space.

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    Love your Trail Neighbours: Share the path and share the love! Smile, wave and treat other trail users the way you’d like to be treated.
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    Run like no one is watching: A shout out to ALL the runners out there enjoying the trails – destressing, getting fit & healthy or just doing it for fun.
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    Love the Fresh Air: A reminder to breathe in and enjoy the gloriously fresh air created by Johannesburg’s beautiful ‘ green lung’.
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    Donation Opportunities: Jozi Trails is almost entirely supported by people like you. As a non-profit organization, we need your support to keep the trails free to use, well maintained – and amazing – for everyone. Donate via our website or if you spot one of our signs using EFT, Zapper or Snapscan.


If an accident or incident occurs on the Spruit and you need help, here’s who to contact:


24/7 Security Services Control Room
011 444 2237

Security guards on bike patrol
(Saturday and Sunday, 6am – 6pm)


Ambulance Service  011 444 2237

Fire Service  011 444 2237

Poison Centre  0800 111 229


If there’s something about the Trails that’s buggin you, and you’d like something done about it, please be in touch with us at  info@jozitrails.co.za or leave a message on our   Facebook page.
Donate via EFT, Snapscan or Zapper

You keep Jozi Trails Going!

Jozi Trails is almost entirely supported by people like you. As a non-profit organization, we need your support to keep the trails free to use, well maintained – and amazing – for everyone.