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Upgrading the existing trails is essential to the safety of everyone in the community who uses them.  (It’s not just about making trails more fun for mountain bikers!) So you’ll see us: restoring unstable sections that have been eroded; repairing damaged trail surfaces; improving visibility on blind corners; widening pathways where they are dangerously narrow; removing fallen timber that’s causing an obstruction; and, generally, fixing anything that has the potential to cause harm to trail users.

We have already upgraded one 900m section and by the end of November we’ll have completed building another 1km track.


Although most will be for general use, by dog walkers, trail runners, birdwatchers and other Spruit visitors, the new trails will be designed in line with recommendations from the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) and African Mountain Biking Association (AMARIDER).  They’ll be a really exciting addition to the Spruit and we’ll start building them just as soon as we’re sure   Phase 1 has been a success (and we’ve raised the money to fund them!).

There’s a lot more to multi-use trail design and building than you might think. Click here to find out more.



Knowing where you’re going (and what you can expect to find when you get there!) are really important to your safety in the Spruit.  So upgrading our signage is a major priority. We’ve already begun, and you’ll find clear direction signs on all our existing trails, but we’re also going to be adding:

  • Information Boards highlighting the rules and etiquette for using the Spruit; the relevant Johannesburg City bylaws; and key safety info and emergency contact details.
  • Trail Totems indicating the recommended uses for each trail; difficulty rating and direction indications.


No-one likes being told what they can and can’t do (especially when they’re out to have fun) but, hey, how else can we be sure everyone plays fair and stays safe?  There are many reasons people come to the Spruit and everyone is equally entitled to have a good time so we’ll be defining a set of guidelines to keep everybody safe and happy.

  • Be Courteous & Share the Trail:   Please help us make the trail a friendly environment for all trail users by not blocking the path. Walk and bike on the correct side of the trail to facilitate two-way traffic and using caution when passing other trail users. All trail users should respect other users on the facility regardless of their mode, speed or level of skill. Parents, please keep children from wandering into oncoming trail lanes to avoid accidents.
  • Faster Moving User Yields to Slower:
   Faster moving trail users, should yield to slower moving users. When the trail is busy, please maintain a single file.
  • Communicate Before Passing:   Give a clear warning signal before passing. Signal may be produced by voice, bell, or horn. A trail user should politely call, “On your left” before passing to alert those in front of them. Be aware that other people may want to pass you. Listen (not to your iPod—to the world!)
  • Pass On the Left:   Pass others going in your direction on their left. Look ahead and back to make sure the lane is clear before you pull out. Pass with ample separation. Do not move back to the right until safely past.
  • Use Caution at Street Crossings & Intersections: Please slow and stop at all street crossings and use caution when proceeding into the intersection, even when using a marked crosswalk.
  • Keep Pets on Short Leashes & Remove Pet Waste: Dogs are welcome on certain sections of Jozi Trails, but please keep them on a short leash in order to keep the trail safe for all users. Additionally, please pick-up after your pet.
  • Respect Trail Environment: Do not disturb the wildlife or the many native plants and wildflowers that grow along Jozi Trails.
  • Respect Private Property, Stay on Trail: Please stay on the designated and marked trail adjacent to private property at all times.
  • Be Safe: Because paths may be unlighted and somewhat secluded, it’s good to consider only using them in daylight hours and/or traveling with a companion.
  • Wear a Helmet:  It’s always smart to wear them, especially children, when on any public path or trail.
  • No Motorized Vehicles: Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the Spruit at any time. However, please note that in order to maintain the trail you may occasionally encounter maintenance vehicles and lawn mowers on and alongside the trail.


Having eyes and ears on the trail during peak visitor times is one of the many ways we’re ramping up safety.  To start with, we’ve employed four security guards we call JT Bobbies to patrol the whole phase 1 area (from Conrad Drive to Emmerentia, including Delta Park) from 6am to 6pm on weekends.  They are easy to spot, on their JT bikes (sponsored by  Trek),  wearing 24/7 Security uniforms with a Jozi Trails logo on the front  and they’ll be happy to assist if you need directions, advice or any other help.


011 444 2237


If an accident or incident occurs on the Spruit and you need help, here’s who to contact:


24/7 Security Services Control Room
011 444 2237

Security guards on bike patrol
(Saturday and Sunday, 6am – 6pm)


Ambulance Service  011 444 2237

Fire Service  011 444 2237

Poison Centre  0800 111 229


If there’s something about the Trails that’s buggin you, and you’d like something done about it, please be in touch with us at  info@jozitrails.co.za or leave a message on our   Facebook page.
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