Good news for our walkers & runners! 

The Jozi Trails crew, lead by Glenn Harrison completed the new walking trail by Zonda Road. The re-routing of the cycling trail going towards Rustenburg Road d/Virgin Active has also been completed. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Zonda Trail:

Where it is: Below Zonda Avenue – from Rustenburg Road to the start of Delta Park

What: The dedicated foot traffic trail has been created on the inside line closest to the river, the trail is a spacious 1,2 meters wide, which will allow for two people to walk or run next to each other in comfort as well as being levelled and smoothed out so it can be enjoyed by young and old. The cycling trail going south (toward Rustenburg Rd) is next to the walking trail and has been re-routed in places to create a bit more distance between the trails. The cycling trail going north (towards Delta park) is closest to Zonda Ave and has been in place for a while.

Please keep an eye out for the new signage, we can make sure the new trails are used properly – in the right direction and by the right users – we’re excited this project is finally complete and we hope you enjoy the new trails! Let us know what you think by liking our Facebook page or joining our Facebook group.