Jozi Trails is extremely concerned about the levels of crime along the Braamfontein Spruit. We share all your frustrations and we are working hard in the background to coordinate long-term solutions. These beautiful green spaces should be an environment that all users can enjoy safely. 

Managing the security of public open spaces is complicated. The Spruit is a large public open space and Jozi Trails is only mandated by Joburg City Parks & Zoo to manage, maintain and develop the trail network. The security of the Spruit and surrounding parks falls under Johannesburg City Parks & Zoo’s (JCPZ) mandate but we are working very closely with JCPZ and doing our best to make the city representatives aware of these issues and to get them involved in addressing our concerns. Jozi Trails is meeting with JCPZ regarding security on Wednesday, 12 January 2021.

We have been working closely with local security companies, (24/7 Security, CAP, Beagle Watch and Cortac) which have very generously donated a significant number of resources to try help secure the parks, and for this, we are incredibly grateful. CAP has increased patrols by Victory Park and this has reduced incidents in this area. We will be working with the companies in Blairgowrie to increase their presence around the latest hotspots, the Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary and Delta Park. However, this is not an effective or long-term solution, but a temporary fix. We have a Whatsapp Group available to keep track of the latest incidents as well as general trail safety tips both available here:

Despite Jozi Trails’ limitations, the challenge of security on the Spruit is not an impossible challenge. Rather it is one that requires a collaborated effort from a wide variety of partners and the participation of the Spruit users. There has been a significant outpouring of offers of support, help and some great ideas for workable short- and longer-term solutions from residents and park users. 

Jozi Trails will continue engaging with all the relevant parties and will help facilitate cooperation to work on this project. Jozi Trails will be as actively involved in solving the issues as possible, within the limitations of its budget and resources.

Jozi Trails asks all concerned users of Delta and the Braamfontein Spruit to let us have comments, concerns and suggestions that could contribute to a feasible action plan that can be jointly implemented as soon as possible by all stakeholder groups, working together. Please send these by email to and watch this space for updates on developments.

Please also note, under Covid-19 level 3 restrictions the public open spaces and parks are officially closed – parks officially open in the area are Emmarentia / Johannesburg Botanical Gardens.