From heartbreak to heartwarming. Here is a seriously feel-good story for the week!

John, a local Gardener was riding home from work through Delta Park when he was robbed at knifepoint. They stole his bicycle, but it wasn’t just any bicycle. John had been saving for months, from February throughout lockdown to buy a second-hand mountain bike of his own. He was scared to make use of taxi’s and needed a reliable mode of transport to travel between his different jobs, so he made a plan, saved and had finally achieved his goal. So when, just two days after buying it, it was stolen, John was left extremely rattled and absolutely devastated.

Luckily John’s story was shared across social media by one of his long time employers Ada Grobler Rundle, initially to warn others of the danger, but it swiftly gained momentum. Ada comments on how it all started:

It was a rainy September day, I was sitting at the police station with John, who was as white as a sheet, in tears and utter disbelief. While waiting, I decided while to warn others about his misfortune, next thing it exploded.

After the story was shared the community rallied together to raise over R7 425 for John as well as a new mountain bike – generously donated by Nick Allen. The outpouring of support saw John receive a new bike, bike helmet, spare tubes, pump and lock – to name just a few of the incredible donations. With the money raised, John bought his kids a bike, helmet and a lock and the rest of the raised funds are going to help to finish his house back home. Pictured is the handover took place at Junction on the Spruit last week, with John looking very dapper while receiving his new bike and other donations, picture of his kid’s new bike, and his house – which is now on the road to completion.

“Still to today, John can’t stop talking about his amazing story, from tears and sadness after losing his pride and joy – to all this. He is blown away by everybody’s generosity, their care and their amazing gifts. He polishes and cleans his new bike with pride and rides daily to and from work. You have no idea what all of this means to him!” shares Ada.

Nothing is more incredible than communities pulling together to support each other, we’re sure John is still smiling from ear to ear, a proud owner of new transport and more. Well done and thank you again to all those who donated towards helping John, we need more stories like this in the world.