The beautiful Braamfontein Spruit   is Johannesburg’s best-kept secret.  Stretching along 37km of municipal parkland, it is the largest urban forest in the world and, like the thousands of Jozi dwellers who spend time there each year, we love it!  However, it’s in urgent need of some TLC and Jozi Trails is leading an upliftment project that will make it safer, easier and more fun for everyone to use.

The city is desperately under-funded to grow the Spruit to its full potential as an outdoor safe recreational space hence the partnership between JCPZ and  Jozi Trails to build and maintain the existing trail system for multiple use. Such partnerships exist internationally such as models seen in Hyde Park and Central Park.

From the daily commuters who take its pathways to work, to the kids who kick balls there after school, and the families and friends who gather on its grass lands at weekends, the “Spruit” is a go-to place for hikers and mountain bikers, strollers and trail runners, birdwatchers and dog walkers and everybody else who loves to get outdoors and spend time in Jozi’s very own inner city green space!


  • Finding Sustainable Solutions!
  • Applying for all required environmental approvals
  • Maintaining and improving the existing trail system
  • Creating a management plan for the full trail system
  • Erecting signage
  • Improving safety
  • Raising funds
  • Promoting the Spruit as a resource for everyone


The tree-line walking trail in Delta Park is as good as new😀After a week of hard work all the erosion ruts are gone and there is a good & solid surface for the walkers and park runners.Erosion control measures have been reinstated to ensure that the trails stays in good shape when the next summer rains come.A big thank you again to LeadCon team for the equipment and soil!Next week - complete work on bottom section & fix Leighton Rd side of Delta Park ... See MoreSee Less
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As the days get shorter and colder, as the sun rises late and sets early, it is so good to see how many people get out there and brave the cold to use Jozi Trails each day.However, the darker mornings and evenings increase the security risk of those using the Trails at those times. We would like to remind you of a few security protocols to keep you all safe while you enjoy the open spaces and kilometres of trails that are the Jozi Trails:🌳 Try to walk, run or cycle in groups of three or more if possible. Perhaps look at making a walking or running group from your street or neighbourhood🌳 Avoid getting onto the trails before it is really light. It might mean a slightly later start, but it is for your safety🌳 Avoid ostentatious displays of jewellery or wearable tech. This only makes you a potential target. Be aware of your surroundings and please don’t wear headphones or even buds, as they reduce your awareness of the surroundings.🌳 Walk with your dogs on a lead and if you don’t have a dog, walk with a friend who does!🌳 Finally, please don’t use your phone whilst on the trails. Again, this puts you at risk.Security is the responsibility of all trail users. Our Trail Guardians are out there patrolling, but we can all help to reduce the risk to ourselves and others.Enjoy the Jozi Trails! ... See MoreSee Less
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The repairs to the walking trail along the Berm Line have begun!

The rain caused a lot of damage to this section and the repair will make this trail much safer!

Thanks to LeadCon for the equipment and soil!


Thank You to LeadCon & Warren Anthony for donating soil to Jozi Trails.

The soil will help address issues caused by the rain this season and will allow Jozi Trails to improve large sections of Trails.


The Maintenace team have been working on drainage below Delta Park School.

Jozi Trails are looking for Soil to assist us with projects. If you have/know of someone that has soil please let us know (

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Open for anyone, on any  day and at any time – as long as the sun is shining! These trails are for everyone. Runners, walkers, dog walkers, bird-watchers, horse-riders cyclists and more!


If an accident or incident occurs on the Spruit and you need help, here’s who to contact:


24/7 Security Services Control Room
011 444 2237

Security guards on bike patrol
(Saturday and Sunday, 6am – 6pm)


Ambulance Service  011 444 2237

Fire Service  011 444 2237

Poison Centre  0800 111 229


If there’s something about the Trails that’s buggin you, and you’d like something done about it, please be in touch with us at or leave a message on our   Facebook page.
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Jozi Trails is almost entirely supported by people like you. As a non-profit organization, we need your support to keep the trails free to use, well maintained – and amazing – for everyone.